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Ag-Bag Equipment

The Most Advanced Technology in Feed Storage!

Silage storageFarmer's Sealed Storage is proud to be the Canadian distributor for Ag-Bag International. We distribute Ag-Bag's complete line of quality equipment and silage bags including:

  • the AgBagger line of equipment for operations ranging from 50 to 15,000 cows
  • Ag-Bag's Flex-A-Tuber equipment for the round and square bale silage
  • Ag-Bag's Environmental Composting Machines
Ag-Bagger Silage System

The Ag-Bag systems gives you all the convenience and financial advantages of oxygen-free bag storage. Complete portability, power where you want it, and precision where it counts. As an alternative or in addition to permanent silos and grain bins, bag storage can achieve high density feeds in a completely sealed atmosphere -- and save you money!


Ag-Bag's Flex-A-Tuber equipment is used for the anaerobic storage of high moisture forage. The Flex-A-Tuber is made in two sizes to accommodate 4 and 5 foot round bales and Tri-Dura storage bags up to 200 feet in length. In addition to round bale storage, Ag-Bag offers a square bale bagger to accommodate Tri-Dura flex storage bags that are 6, 8, and 9 feet in diameter and up to 200 feet in length.


Composted manure cab ne used on crop fields and pastures rather than using raw manure. Composted manure gives a slow release of nitrogen back to the soil, binds the P to compost particle reducing Phosphorous runoff, kills weed seeds and manure pathogens yet provides bacteria beneficial to soil, increases soil moisture retention in sandy soils, adds porosity which provides moisture drainage for heavy clay soils, decreases requirement of both herbicide and pesticide chemical treatment.

Bag Handling

To assist farmers with a variety of tasks, Ag-Bag offers the Mighty Bite® front-end loader bucket. This revolutionary bucket replaces the conventional bucket. Hydraulically operated, the Mighty Bite closes tightly around material, thus eliminating spillage and increasing load capacity because of compaction. The Mighty Bite ranges in size from one-half cubic yard to two cubic yards.

Ag-Bag 6000 Series

Ag-Bagger 6000 Ag-Bagger 6000
  • Interchangeable Tunnel Top
  • Adjustable tunnel sizes are great for multi-crop bagging.
  • Hydraulic lift conveyor for greater operator convenience.
  • The split chain conveyor evenly distributes to each side of the hopper.
  • Disc Brake for greatest compaction control in the industry.
  • Rotor length directly matches tunnel size for faster feed intake and compaction.
  • 1/2” thick Line-Bored-Rotor for greater life of the machine.
  • Bag Boom and Cradle for ease of installing Ag-Bag bags®.
  • Self-contained hydraulic for operator convenience.
  • Tunnel size allows for bag size to match feed out rate.
  • Transport width of 8’6” for easier mobility.
  • Tunnel hood can be changed in less than 15 minutes.
  • The highest resale value in the industry because of these features.

Ag-Bag PB6000 Personal Bagger

Ab-Bagger PB6000New Product!
  • 72" rotor
  • 200' cable
  • 540 PTO
  • Gearbox single output
  • Disc Brake
  • Hydraulic Hand Pump

Ag-Bag 7000, 9000, and 10000 Series

Ag-Bagger 7000, 9000, 10000 SeriesContact us for information and quotes.

Ag-Bag Flex-A-Tuber

Flex-a-TuberAgBag "Flex-tube" is a special stretch plastic that can be stretched up to 15% its normal size and will then shrink back to fit the bale. The shrink-to-fit plastic stops oxygen movement in the bag. They come in 100' and 150' lengths and 4' and 5' diameters. The Flex-a-Tuber has extra wide paddles to stretch the plastic to up to 15% larger than the original size.  It has hydraulic controls for stretching the plastic and inserting the bales.  It also can change the size depending on which type of bale or bag you are using.  It comes with  self-contained hydraulics or a 6 hp motor option.

Flex-a-TuberOne hydraulic outlet is needed to run the entire system. Fingertip controls on the side of the frame, or optional remote control.

One person can use the Flex-a-Tuber with ease.


Rich CompostFarm composting is becoming a new profit center for farmers in the 21st Century. Many farmers have already created a new revenue source out of rich compost. Contact us for further information about this exciting new industry.

Composting Machines